Promoting Coachway stations in a response to a Highways Agency consultation

In February the DfT announced a new consultation to ‘Cut red tape to support development near motorways and major ‘A’ roads.’ The press release seemed to focus on removing restrictions on construction near the strategic road network (with the risk of generating unsustainable levels of addition traffic). The consultation document itself was however to be more measured.

We therefore decided to use the opportunity to raise the subject of Coachways and the associated Coachway stations (we being Dr William Clayton and Dr Ben Clark of the Centre for Transport and Society at the University of the West of England, Dr Alan Storkey and myself, Peter Miller of ITO World Ltd).

Having edited the document in response to helpful comments from various parties we invited people to support our response and were very impressed with who did so. We have senior figures from the academic community and from some of the major transport operators. Do please read the response itself (26 meg download).

Subsequently we have also spoken to the Highways Agency today and they seem very open to these ideas, and indeed indicated that express coaches were definitely on their radar. They also told us that they were happy to accept updates to the document for the rest of this week.

As such, if you would like to add your name (and affiliation) as an additional ‘supporter’ on the response then please email me at ‘peter [dot] miller [at] itoworld [dot] com. It would be great to get additional support from all sectors, but especially from transport operators, local government, transport authorities, transport planners and academia.

About PeterEastern
Amongst other things I am interested in the overlap between information technology and personal travel and how we can remain mobile whilst also greatly reducing the negative effects of our travel.

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