The potential of the express coach was initially worked up in detail by Alan Storkey in the late 1990s.

2006: ideas publicised by George Monbiot in the book Heat: How to stop the planet burning.

August 2007: Alan Storkey, Peter Miller, Paul Allen and Richard Hawkins (both from the Centre for Alternative Technology), Paul Mobbs (Energy beyond oil) met at the Big Green Gathering in August 2007.

2008-2009: Peter Miller developed the ideas further at ITO World with support from Ideas in Transit, a five year government funded research project

2010: Ben Clark, A PhD case student at the Centre for Transport & Society at the University of the West of England spends 6 months on secondment to ITO World researching the policy background in the UK to coach transport. These research results are available in the Coachways section of the Ideas in Transit wiki.

October 2010: Article by Ben Clark outlining the concept published in Local Transport Today.

November 2010: Eleven undergraduates from the Department of Planning and Architecture at the University of the West of England worked on a number of alternative plans for coachway interchanges.

December 2010: Alan Storkey, John Austin (from Austin Analytics), Mike Lamden (National Express) and Peter Miller  presented the concept to the All-Party Parliamentary Climate Change Group in December 2010.

July 2010- : Ben Clark started started working on the project again in August 2011 after completing his PhD and we rewrote the website broadly into its current form.

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