The UK has a congested inter-urban transport system; the population is rising, energy prices are set to increase and there is also an urgent need to reduce carbon emissions. Extensive road-building has been discounted and high speed rail is expensive, controversial, energy intensive and inflexible. Express coach is uniquely able to deliver an affordable, fast and effective inter-urban transport system connecting all population centres using existing infrastructure in a highly efficient way.

There is however a problem; without effective interchanges on the strategic road network, many express coach services still travel through every urban centre on routes largely unchanged since the 1950s. As a result services are often hopelessly slow for many journeys. Other services achieve faster journey times at the expense of missing out many settlements on their route.

The creation of a network of new coachway stations and stops on the strategic road network linked to every significant settlement would transform the experience and allow express coach to reach its potential with affordable, fast, comfortable, frequent services between all settlements.

This project is run by a bunch of techies who have embarked on a mission to get this vision implemented. We have made some progress already but really need your support to make it happen! Why not see how you can get involved yourself or at least subscribe to the blog.

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