Destination dispatch

Where demand has reached a sufficient level it will be possible to optimise the allocation of passengers to vehicles using ‘Destination Dispatch‘ algorithms (as used with elevators) by first establishing the required destination for each passenger on arrival and then allocating them to vehicles in such a way as to reduce the number of scheduled intermediate stops that each vehicle has to make. If there are a full compliment of passengers for a particular popular destination then they will be allocated to the same vehicle which will make no intermediate stops. In other situations it may allocate all passengers for nearby locations into one vehicle for a ‘stopping’ service and the rest into another for an ‘express’ service. Unlike with conventional scheduled transport these stopping patterns will be determined on-the-fly and may be adapted as people along the route request travel.

When combined with low dynamic fares the system will both optimise engineering efficiency whilst also reducing energy usage and carbon emissions. Here is a nice slow introduction to the ideas behind Destination Dispatch as used within lifts.

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