Using today’s modern high quality vehicles the proposed coachway stations, and priority lanes where necessary, express coach can achieve cruising speeds of 65mph with average speeds of 50mph including time for intermediate stops.  This is considerably faster than existing public transport times on many existing routes due to detours into intermediate towns. Using the ‘Superbus’ concept vehicle, operating on special lanes, speeds of up to 250 km/h can be achieved. There is no reason why journey times could not be further improved in the future.

Coachways can be established at modest cost along part of the strategic road network ensuring that this service is available to the great majority of the population.

Using ‘destination dispatch‘ passengers for the same destinations will be allocated to the same vehicle avoiding many intermediate stops. Vehicles will never stop at a coachway station unless there is a need to do so and where stops are made then this will normally be for multiple passengers.  Where it is necessary to interchange, there will be only a short wait due to the frequent services along these routes.

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