For the user

As a rule of thumb an express coach costs some £60 per hour to operate; assuming a very healthy profit margin one could base fares on £90 per hour. Using an 87-seater coach at 80% occupancy  the cost  would be about £1.20 per passenger per hour. Assuming that the coach achieves an average of 55 mph by use of coachway stations on the strategic road network and priority on the trunk road network the fare would be £0.02 per mile*. This cost is ten times lower than the mileage costs of a small car which are 22p a mile based on AA figures (and these car costs do not include the ‘standing costs’ for the vehicle).

  • London-Birmingham: £5.14
  • Cambridge-Birmingham: £3.90
  • Leeds-Sheffield: £1.80

Fares are likely to use a dynamic yield management model where journeys at very popular times may cost more and those in off-peak times less. These models have proved to be very effective at increasing the load-factor on other transport services thereby lowering average fares for everyone. Fares will also be kept down by using Destination Dispatch algoritms where passengers are allocated to vehicles so as to minimise the delays caused by stops at intermediate stations.

*Cost for coachway services are only for the main leg of the journey from coachway station to coachway station and do not include the additional costs for the local segments of the journey.

For the government

Unlike rail, express coaches require no subsidy in operation and the costs involved in creating the interchanges is small. The costs are a fraction of those incurred when widening motorways or building new railway lines.

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