Priority high-occupany lanes where necessary

Coaches and other high-occupancy vehicles benefit from having priority over general traffic, particularly on congested routes.

In the un-congested conditions of much of the strategic road network, express coaches can simply use general traffic lanes without being impeded.  In areas of higher congestion where managed motorway is in operation it will be beneficial for high occupancy vehicles (including express coaches, taxis, 3+ occupancy vehicles)  to be able to use  allocated high occupancy vehicle lanes. In some places, (for example as part of the Los Angeles Metro Express Lanes project) low occupancy vehicles are also allowed to use these priority lanes on payment of a fee which is used to help cover the cost of the system.

At some key locations it may be appropriate to create permanent  high occupancy vehicle lanes:

The M606 Motorway High Occupancy Vehicle Lane

The M606 high occupancy vehicle lane is the only motorway based example in the UK. This provides priority to high occupancy vehicles leaving Bradford on the southbound approach to the M62 (Liverpool to Hull).

M606 high-occupancy vehicle lane

The M4 Bus Lane

The M4 bus lane was the only example of a shared use bus lane for express coach services in the UK although this was temporarily suspended in December 2010. The bus lane will be reinstated for the duration of the Olympic Games in July 2012.

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