Take action

This vision will not happen without mass support, lobbying and activism. All the political messages from the current administration (and to a great extent from the previous administration) are that express coach is yesterday’s mode of transport, used by marginal groups who can be ignored. At best current policy is that express coach can be ignored and it will tick along.

The reality is that express coach is doing incredibly well and the UK has a good number of excellent global passenger transport companies. There has been huge amounts of innovation in the express coach sector in the last decade and it is better placed than any other inter-urban transport mode to respond to the challenges of climate change, peak oil and congestion than either the private car or rail.

Here are some things you can do.

Follow us

We are going to be actively developing the argument for express coach over the coming months and will be blogging and tweeting regularly.

Talk to your MP and councillors and neighbours

MPs need to start hearing about this stuff. Ask them what their views are and tell them about what can be achieved.


Tell us what services you need and where they should run. Tell us your ideas for Coachway stations.

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